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PJ40 PJ60 Injector Tester

PJ40 PJ60 Injector Tester (Nozzle Tester)

PJ40 Injector Tester
This injector tester is designed for use in auto repair factories. It has an oil collection cup at the bottom. By using the handle valve, the user can make the air pressure at a fixed value to facilitate testing of the injector.

PJ60 Nozzle Tester
This is a simple nozzle tester used for daily repair tasks. With this device, the user could easily know whether there is something wrong with the nozzle.

Safety Precautions
During operation, the nozzle tester must be far away from flame or high temperature place, such as welding site and so on.

The nozzle tester is used for adjusting and calibrating the injecting pressure, atomizing quality, injecting angle and needle valve tightness of diesel fuel injector assembly, in order to ensure excellent power and economic performance of diesel engine. The pressure range is 0-60 Mpa.

Technical Parameters of Nozzle Tester

No. Type Pressure range (Mpa.) Overall dimensions L×W×H (mm) Packaging dimensions L×W×H (mm) Capacity of fuel tank (L) Largest pressure tested (Mpa.) Net weight (Kg)
1. PJ-40 0 ~ 60 320×290×510 340×410×570 3.5 60 16
1. PJ-60 0 ~ 60 160×100×380 180×120×400 1.0 60 6
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