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We is a China-based supplier of auto inspection and auto repair equipment. Our primary products include vertical boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, valve grinding machines, and auto diagnostic instruments. Our auto maintenance equipment includes car lifts, wheel aligners, oil drainers, and many other products are also available.
We is a state-owned company, founded in 1993. We have consistently dedicated ourselves to providing superior quality products and services to our customers. Our products are exported all over the globe, to countries in South America, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, among others. As an experienced auto inspection and repair equipment exporter in China, we also offer OEM service, upon request.

Products and product applications
Since our inception, we have gained much experience in producing and exporting automotive inspection, repair, and maintenance equipment. Our efforts have allowed us to become ISO9000 certified. We now provide products in three major categories, that is, automotive inspection equipment, auto repair equipment, and auto maintenance equipment. For further information on these products, see below:
1. Our automotive repair equipment includes vertical boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, valve grinding machines, cylinder honing machines, and more. These vehicle repair tools are used for repairing automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, heavy duty trucks, agricultural machinery, etc.
2. We auto inspection equipment includes automobile diagnostic instruments, chassis dynamometers, exhaust gas analyzers, headlight testers, diesel inspection benches, and more. These are primarily used to inspect and test the electrical system and performance of vehicles. Vehicle inspection tools are a necessity for vehicle inspectors. They are also used by automotive manufacturers, car and auto repair shops, and environmental testing stations.
3. Our auto maintenance equipment, which includes car lifts, bus lifts, tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel aligners, and oil drainers, features user-friendly designs, easy operation, and long service life. We car care and maintenance tools are regularly used by vehicle manufacturers, garages, and vehicle repair shops.

Quality control and cost control
To strengthen the competitiveness of our auto inspection and repair equipment, and to ensure standard company management, We adheres to the ISO9000 International Quality Management Standard. As a result, we operate with a streamlined organizational structure and a complete quality control system, thus ensuring the quality of our products.
In addition, we only purchase CE certified fuel injection pump test benches, boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, and tire changers, etc., from original manufacturers. We also take steps to control our costs so we can ensure that our customers receive our auto inspection and auto repair equipment at economical prices. To do this, we've established cooperative relationships with reliable, local vehicle service equipment manufacturers, and we work with local shipping companies, thus reducing our purchasing costs and our customers' transportation fees.

We at We can provide a wide variety of vehicle service tools, and we can also provide professional technical consultation services and optimum equipment purchasing solutions. So, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information if you have a need for cylinder boring machines, crankshaft grinding machines, link pin hole heaters, car lifts, or wheel balancers.
In addition to consultation services, we also offer product samples, equipment testing and installation, a one year quality warranty, and lifelong equipment maintenance service.

We is located in Shanghai, an international economic center in China. This location offers us quick and easy access to many modes of transportation. Hence, our customers can choose to ship their products by whatever means best serves their needs. If you are looking for cylinder honing machines, vertical boring machines, exhaust gas analyzers, crankshaft grinding machines, or any other kind of auto inspection equipment or auto repair equipment, please contact us. Our high quality products and services are your best choice.

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